Welter Online Launches New Writing and Artwork!

The Welter Online editorial crew in action.

Welcome to the Fall 2021 edition of Welter Online, produced by University of Baltimore graduate students through the fall semester. We received a record number of submissions, including over a thousand poems. Our micro fiction contest drew over 700 contestants; you can find winners and honorable mentions under the Contests tab. The W Online tab will take you to the latest pieces chosen for publication in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Many of the art pieces illustrating them are original art submitted to Welter Online. Under the Blog tab you’ll find fresh interviews with outstanding writers. We are proud of this new edition and hope you enjoy it! Stephen Hollaway, Managing Editor

Welter Online reads and looks better than ever! Thanks to everyone who submitted their best work–we take seriously the process of reading every piece, and delight in it. Thanks to the class editorial crew for working so very hard. Readers, enjoy touring the beautifully crafted writing and exciting new artwork! Betsy Boyd, Prof/Editor-in-Chief

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