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Langsdale Library has a new way to browse our DVD collection!  Using our new online lists, you can easily see what DVDs we own and if they’re checked out.  Here’s how you get there (trust me, it’s not as hard as it looks):
 Start on the library homepage at http://langsdale.ubalt.edu.
Follow the instructions on the slide at left to find and select a list of DVDs.  We currently have the lists  broken out by copyright date, in two-year increments.
Once you find a list, there are a variety of ways you can browse, sort, or interact with it.  See below for how those work.
At right is an image from the list called “UB DVDs 2012-2013.”
[1] You may prefer to view the DVDs as a list of cover images (like in the picture at the top of this post).  Simply click “Covers only” (#1 in the photo).
[2] If you want to see new DVDs as they are added to the collection, you can choose to “Watch this List” (#2) or grab the RSS feed and add it to your feed reader or aggregator.
[3] There are a variety of ways to sort lists (#3).  The most common is “By Title,” which is how we organize the DVDs on the shelf.

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