New Print & Ebooks at Langsdale!

Did you know that Langsdale Library offers a list of all of our newest materials? We do! Each month we’ll post an update letting you know about a few select titles, but there are far too many to mention here Continue reading New Print & Ebooks at Langsdale!

Open Data Applications

Hi! I’m Pete Ramsey, one of the Reference and Instruction librarians at Langsdale Library, and I also teach the Information Literacy (IDIS 110) course in first-year student learning communities. In my course, I like to include a segment where students Continue reading Open Data Applications

New technology at Langsdale

 Printing Press circa 1811; Deutsches Museum Munich, Germany  Technology has become a part of our everyday lives. With the growing desire for faster and easier technology, the staff at Langsdale is always striving to keep up with the Continue reading New technology at Langsdale

Creator of World Wide Web is now trying to measure its size

Will we ever know how many pages are on the World Wide Web? Google surpassed the trillion-page mark in its index three years ago (Google, 2008), and this doesn’t count the deep web that its search engine doesn’t index? With Continue reading Creator of World Wide Web is now trying to measure its size