[ub] Tribute to Dr. Thomas Jacklin

Langsdale Library is honored to be hosting a Memorial Display for Dr. Thomas Jacklin. The display, located on the first floor of Langsdale Library, highlights his life and work here at UB. Dr. Jacklin passed away April 28, 2005 after losing his battle with lung cancer.

He came to UB in 1980 and won the hearts of his students and colleagues. He served on numerous committees, won several teaching awards including a lifetime achievement award, and was Faculty Advisor for Phi Alpha Theta honor society. He worked on projects such as Baltimore Neighborhood Heritage Project, Lessons from the Light Rail, and Saving the Community: Leakin Park and the Pursuit of the Light Rail. He loved UB.

Dr. J as his students so fondly called him also loved trains. He was a docent for The B&O Railroad Museum and wrote extensively on the subject of the railroads. He published many articles in railroad magazines and presented papers for organizations such as: National Railroad Heritage Preservation at Penn State, Preservation and Education Association of Railway Museums, and the Eastern Conference Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. He was Editorial Advisor for Railroad History in 2004.

History in the Roundhouse http://www.ubalt.edu/lehs/jacklin/roundhouse.html

A Conversation with Parker Lamb

by Stacey Lee, Jacob France Institute

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  1. Tom’s love of the American story was contagious. He was a great friend, great good company, and a first-rate scholar and writer. We are all poorer for his passing.

  2. Dr J was a delight as an instructor. He was incredibly insightful, highly intellegent and very funny. He was not above bringing the meat and potatoes of the subject matter to his lectures. One of his favorite phrases(how’s that for putting some grist in your mill?) exemplified his dirt-under-the-fingernails approach to the American story, be it trains or the Great Back Yard Shop of American Innovation. I was very fortunate to having been one of his students. God Bless Ye…

  3. I had Dr. J for many classes over the years and just recently learned of his death from a friend. He was one of the best teachers at UB, and he will be missed by so many people. . .God bless him and may other continue on in his legacy. . .Chris Shelton UB Class of 2002 (Jurisprudence)

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