New from the Washington Post: Votes Database

The Washington Post has created the U.S. Congress Votes Database, which covers every vote in the since the 102nd Congress (1991). No only can you search by state, region and gender, you can also search by “baby-boomer status” and even astrological sign (really!)

Here’s more from the press release:

“The data for’s U.S. Congress Votes Database is taken directly from several official Internet sources:

For each congressional vote in each chamber beginning with the 102nd Congress (1991), the Post has assembled detail and summary information about that vote and the members who took part. In addition to displaying the details of every vote, calculates a majority position for Republicans and Democrats, if one exists.

The Post uses additional sources for certain types of summary information. For the vote totals by region, regional definitions from the U.S. Census Bureau are employed. For totals by “Baby Boomer” status, the Post defines Baby Boomers as those born between the end of World War II (Aug. 1, 1945) through Dec. 31, 1964, inclusive. Vote totals by astrological sign are calculated using each member’s date of birth.

Statistics on most-voted on bills include votes in both the House and Senate for a two-year Congress. Late-night votes are defined as those occurring between midnight and 7 a.m.”

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