Citation Management with Firefox

Zotero is a nifty little Firefox extension that combines bookmarking and page capturing capabilities with a citation manager. At its most basic level, it serves as a flexible way to manage your bookmarks, allowing multiple folders, tags and even the ability to save a “snapshot” of the page.

But Zotero also functions as a citation manager, with the ability to capture citation information about a book or article from certain webpages. For example, if you are looking at the record for a book in UB’s catalog, Zotero can automatically collect the title, author, publisher and date published. It can do the same thing for several article databases available at UB, such as Academic Search Premier and ABI/Inform. Even better, once you have your citation information entered into Zotero, it can print out a bibliography in APA, MLA or Chicago format.

The one drawback is that Zotero does require Firefox 2.0, which I don’t think is widely available on campus at the moment. But if you have Firefox 2.0, it is worth checking out.

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