Closed Dec 18 – Jan 10

Langsdale Library is now closed to the public so that renovations on the first and second floors can be completed.

Even though the library is closed to the public, we will be busy working behind the scenes from January 2 – 10, and beyond, getting the library ready for the new semester. You can keep up with our progress on the renovation blog.

2 Replies to “Closed Dec 18 – Jan 10”

  1. I’m happy to see that the University is investing in the library. I have been very impressed with the staff and services. Now that I understand about the renovations, I am less confused about why I saw so many books in the dumpster several months ago.

    However, I think its very unwise and just plain rediculous if any of the hundreds of books [information], tossed in the dumpster behind the law library earlier this year weren’t first offered to students or to the public.

    Shame on you UB.

  2. For the most part, if Langsdale removes a book from its collections, it is offered for sale in Langsdale’s annual book sale and/or offered to other area libraries. Furthermore, a book will not be removed unless it has not been checked it out for several years. Even after the booksale, many of the unsold books are donated.

    The ones that get thrown away are items which are either in poor condition or contain information that is very old and out of date. If an item is in poor condition because of frequent use, we will repair or replace the book before simply discarding it

    I appreciate your concern about throwing away books, but please keep in mind that the items that get thrown out are not discarded without thought as to their value. They are mostly ones that people do not want even on the $1/ bag of books day, that have not been looked at in over 10 years and that the places that take donations also reject. I hope that eases your mind a little bit.

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