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Google To Add Embedded Videos to Default Search Results

We’re here at Google’s Searchology event in Mountain View. Google’s Marissa Mayer has announced that the company is launching a new, integrated search experience Wednesday called Universal Search.

This means no more searching for videos, images or web results independently. Google will now combine search results for everything — books, news, images and video — onto default search result pages. Universal Search will re-draw Google’s default search results pages as we know them, but the coolest development is that YouTube and Google Video players will now be embedded within search results.

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Out of curiosity, I tried a search for “Bob Barker,” the soon-to-be-retired game show host. In the old Google, if you wanted to find an image of Bob Barker you had to click on the Image link above the search box and then type his name; if you wanted video of Barker telling contestants to “Come on down,” that was a new search.

In the new Google, you only have to search once and then you can pull up the type of results you want. You still get the default Web results, but you can click on one of the menu options in the upper left-hand corner for images, video, news, and even maps (where Bob Barker’s production offices popped up). There is also a pull-down menu with other results options, including Google Scholar; that’s where I found a 1996 article from The American Economic Review entitled, “The Price is Right, But are the Bids? An Investigation of Rational Decision Theory” (and Google Scholar tells me the full text is available at UB in Business Source Premier).

While the new Google Universal Search may take some getting used to, it should make searching a lot easier.

Do you like the new Google? Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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