New Public Administration books, April 2008

Every year, Langsdale Librarians work hard to purchase the best books for UB’s Government and Public Policy (GVPP) and Public Administration (PUAD) programs. With the end of the university’s fiscal year looming, April is a busy month for book purchasing. Here’s the roundup for the books the library purchased for GVPP and PUAD in April 2008.

Architecture of Government
Treisman, Daniel
Stacks – 3rd floor | JS113 .T74 2007

Performance Management and Budgeting: How Governments Can Learn from Experience
Walker, David
Stacks – 3rd floor | JF1525.P67 P475 2008

Transformation of American Politics
Pierson, Paul
Stacks – 3rd floor | JK421 .T82 2007

Where Does the Money Go?
Bittle, Scott
Stacks – 3rd floor | HJ2052 .B58 2008

Who Needs to Know?
McDermott, Patrice
Stacks – 3rd floor | KF5753 .M43 2007

Agendas and Decisions: How State Government Executives and Middle Managers Make and Administer Policy

Olshfski, Dorothy
Stacks – 3rd floor | JK2446.5 .O48 2008

Core Competencies for Federal Facilities Asset Management
National Academies Press
Stacks – 3rd floor | HD38.25.U6 C67 2008

Governance and Information Technology

Mayer-Schonberger, Viktor
Stacks – 3rd floor | JF1525.A8 G68 2007

How to Rig an Election
Raymond, Allen
Stacks – 3rd floor | JK1994 .R39 2008

Model Policies and Procedures for Not-for-Profit Organizations

McMillan, Edward
Stacks – 3rd floor | HF5686.N56 M386 2008

(Un)Civil War of Words: Media and Politics in the Arab World

Fandy, Mamoun
Stacks – 3rd floor | P96.W362 A654 2007

Best System Money Can Buy
Warner, Carolyn
Stacks – 3rd floor | JN94.A56 C69 2007

Beyond Compliance: China, International Organizations, and Global Security
Kent, Ann
Stacks – 3rd floor | DS779.27 .K46 2007

Foreign Aid: Diplomacy, Development, Domestic Politics
Lancaster, Carol
Stacks – 3rd floor | HC60 .L294 2007

New Environmental Regulation
Fiorino, Daniel
Stacks – 3rd floor | KF3775 .F56 2006

New Turkey: the Quiet Revolution on the Edge of Europe

Morris, Chris
Stacks – 3rd floor | JQ1809.A15 M67 2006

Public Administration’s Final Exam: a Pragmatist Restructuring of the Profession and the Discipline
Harmon, Michael
Stacks – 3rd floor | JK421 .H295 2006

Rebuilding Leviathan: Party Competition and State Exploitation
Grzymala-Busse, Anna
Stacks – 3rd floor | JN96.A979 G78 2007

Representing America: The Citizen and the Professional Legislator in the House of Representatives
Herrick, Rebekah
Stacks – 3rd floor | JK1319 .H47 2007

State of India’s Democracy

Ganguly, Sumit
Stacks – 3rd floor | JQ281 .S73 2007

Three Yugoslavias: State-Building And Legitimation, 1918-2005
Ramet, Sabrina
Stacks – 3rd floor | DR1282 .R36 2006

What They Think of Us: International Perceptions of the United States Since 9/11
Farber, David
Stacks – 3rd floor | E902 .W475 2007

Emotional Labor
Guy, Mary
Stacks – 3rd floor | HD5713.6.U54 G89 2008

Research Design in Political Science: How to Practice what they Preach
Gschwend, Thomas
Stacks – 3rd floor | JA86 .R38 2007

Capital Project Planning and Evaluation
Casey, Joseph
Stacks – 3rd floor | HJ9111 .C377 2007

Cost Analysis and Activity-Based Costing for Government
Michel, R. Gregory
Stacks – 3rd floor | HJ9816 .M53 2004

Financial Policies
Kavanagh, Shayne
Stacks – 3rd floor | HJ9141 .K38 2004

Priority-Setting Models for Public Budgeting
Calia, Roland
Stacks – 3rd floor | HJ2031.5.U6 C35 2001

China and the Developing World

Campbell, Kurt
Stacks – 3rd floor | D888.C6 C47 2007

Developments in Central and East European Politics
White, Stephen
Stacks – 3rd floor | JN96.A58 D48 2007

Economic and Strategic Rise of China and India
Denoon, David
Stacks – 3rd floor | HC427.92 .D46 2007

Federal Preemption: States’ Powers, National Interests
Epstein, Richard
Stacks – 3rd floor | KF4600 .F42 2007

If you’d like to recommend a book for the library to purchase, and you are a UB student, staff, or faculty member, please contact Thomas Arendall-Salvetti at tarendall-salvetti (at) ubalt (dot) edu.

Coming soon: a list of the government and public administration books purchased for Langsdale Library in the month of May!

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