Langsdale Library Photo Tours

As part of a class project for IDIS 110: Introduction to Information Literacy, a group of students from the First & Second Year program were asked to create a photo tour of Langsdale Library. They were armed with cameras and set free in the library.

On the same day the students were exploring, the library was having some work done on the (now completely functional!) elevator. That work required work crews to access the top level of the library, which happens to also have roof access. Because of their curious nature, students followed some of the work crew through the door leading to the roof access. So, not only will you see all four floors of the library on this tour, you’ll be treated to some rare views from the roof!

Each tour consists of between 8-12 images and was completed as part of a class contest and the winner is noted below. Feel free to take a look at tours the students created. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact
Tour 1 – Winner
Tour 2
Tour 3
Tour 4
Tour 5
Tour 6


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