A New Look for the Catalog

Langsdale Library has a brand new interface for its online catalog called WordCat Local (http://langsdale.ubalt.edu/ubworldcat.html). WorldCat Local has more content than our current catalog – it includes books owned by other libraries as well as a limited number of articles – and several features that we think make it easier to use. Some of the features include an easier to read display, a less confusing way to find a book’s call number, and suggestions of ways you can refine a search. In addition, there are opportunities for you to add tags and share your own reviews of books if you create a free WorldCat account.

We are planning to direct most of the links on our website that point people to the ‘Library Catalog” to the new WorldCat local page. Before we do this, we would love to get your feedback on WorldCat Local and whether you think it is an improvement or not.

You can leave your input by commenting on this blog entry, or by sending a comment to mshochet@ubalt.edu.

2 Replies to “A New Look for the Catalog”

  1. I like this! I like that there are a few choices for types of searches right in the center of the page.

    I also like that if the library has a book checked out or doesn't own a copy, that you can search for local libraries that do, by zip code. Very convenient.

  2. I found it very easy to navigate. I was able to quickly locate the items I searched for, even when using limited and vague descriptors. I found CD recordings, e-books, etc., with ease. And, as Laura pointed out, it's very convenient to be able to see exactly where the items can be located, whether here or at other institutions. Good work, Langsdale!

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