Google Scholar

We’ve mentioned Google Scholar on this blog a couple of times before, but many students haven’t heard of it yet, it’s worth mentioning again.

Google Scholar is a specialized search engine that searches the kinds of sources that professors want students to use: scholarly or academic material on the Web. A search in Google Scholar won’t get you random websites; it will get you scholarly journal articles, conference papers, academic books, research reports, and other good stuff.

Unlike the main Google search engine, not everything in Google Scholar is available for free on the Web. Langsdale Library has a solution though. If you go into the Preferences section of Google Scholar, there’s an option called “Library Links” that will add the “Find it at UB” button to your search results so you can access Langsdale Library’s subscriptions to online journals.

Want to know more? Check out the new Langsdale Library Guide to Google Scholar.

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