Langsdale Library Presents…..

Here is another student worker at Langsdale, Sirandon Williams.

  • What do you like about the library?

It is very quiet and I like the people that I work with.

  • If you could recommend a service from the library to a friend what would it be?

Probably InterLibrary Loans. They help you get materials that Langsdale do not own or currently possess.

  • Do you enjoy working here?

This is actually the best job I’ve had, its peaceful and the workers are very friendly.

  • What is he strangest thing you’ve seen in the library?

I haven’t seen anything strange since working here.

Major: Human Service

Year: 2011

From: Baltimore, MD

Favorite food: Sausage pizza from Papa Johns

Favorite color: Black

Texting or facebook: Facebook

What’s your favorite phone model? Any samsung model.

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