The end of an era at Langsdale Library.

Join us in saying goodbye to Carole Mason, on June 30, 2010 from 2-4pm in Langsdale Library.

For 35 ½ years students, staff and faculty here at UB have been warmly greeted by the smiling face of Carole Mason at the Circulation counter. That many years means she has quite a few stories to tell. Her favorite story to tell recalls a time when another coworker greeted a new patron with the phrase “may I hold you?”instead of the usual greeting, “may I help you?” The patron responded with a quick “well, I had heard you were friendly here, but this is more than I expected!” Carole still howls with laughter when she retells that story. Remembering the incredible people that Carole has worked with over the many years, may bring a few tears, but they are always followed by laughter, and more stories from the past. Who knew that library staff could be so fun?

Although Carole retired from full time service in 1999, for over 10 years she has remained on as our billing specialist, working two days a week. When Carole started here it was the 1970s and she can tell you stories about the greasy spoon restaurant that once stood where the Law Center now sits, what it was like to work at UB when it was a private college and how happy she was when she got her first electric typewriter.

This June 30th will be Carole’s last day working here at UB, but with 5 grandchildren to spread the love around to, her volunteering at her church and traveling, including cruises and casinos near and far, it is more than obvious that we will miss Carole much more than she will have time to miss us! If you have had the pleasure of knowing Carole and won’t be able to make it to her Retirement Party, please feel free to stop by Langsdale Library’s Circulation Desk one Wednesday or Thursday to say goodbye to our close friend and coworker. Who knows, if you catch her at the right time she might just ask if she can “hold you!”

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