student Liaison says “don’t be shy”

Are you struggling with researching your next project? Well, don’t be shy, Langsdale Libary is glad to help. There are several ways to contact us — instant messaging, calling, emailing, social networking, and visiting.

You will find we are quick to respond, with a friendly attitude. I definitely recommend our website icon, called “Chat with a Librarian,” which is an instant messaging service. Recently, I used this service, when I had a question, and I received an answer in just under a minute! I couldn’t believe how fast they responded.

But still try our other points of contacts and you will find fast results. If you decide to call, call (443) 837- 4274 or if you wish to email, send to (reference) or (circulation) . We also have social networking accounts with Twitter and Facebook. If you want to visit, please stop by, as there are plenty of librarians and staff members ready to help.

So don’t be afraid to ask and try anyone of these ways. See which one works best for you. And let me know by responding to this blog or email at

Dawn Lamb
Student Liaison

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