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This is Dawn again.I am checking in with you to see if your research needs are met.Research can be a little overwhelming due to information overload. But, Langsdale makes life a little easier with databases organized into subject matter.

Databases can be found on the library’s home page by clicking “Databases by Subject” – found under the “Find it” column. Next you will find several categories that list the databases. You may want to check out several ones to find your major or subject area.For those of you majoring in Corporate Communication, like myself, please check out three of my favorite databases. These databases are found in two subject areas — Arts & Humanities and Computers/Technology.

Arts and Humanities:

  • Communication & Mass Media Complete; and
  • Design & Applied Arts Index


  • Design & Applied Arts Index

If you are majoring in another field, please click on other categories. Academic Search Premier and Lexis/Nexis Academic are two of the largest databases Langsdale offers. These two databases cover a variety of subjects. What is your major? Can I lead you to the right databases?

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