Don’t forget to use Interlibrary Loan

Hi – this is your student liaison, Dawn, again. While researching, are you finding everything you need? Don’t forget to use Langsdale’s interlibrary loan service. Interlibrary loan can allow you to retrieve documents, articles, or books that are not available at Langsdale. These requests can arrive as early as two days to a week; it all depends on where the request is coming from. Articles come more quickly as we rely on the mail for books.

When your item is not available in Langsdale library or online, just press the find it button on the document. Fill in your account #, which is your barcode (found on the back of your student id.) Soon thereafter, you will receive an email providing a link back to the ILL system, where you can download, print or read the article you requested. Please note that books will need to be picked up.

When I use the Interlibrary loan service, I receive documents as early as two days. It is an excellent service that can bring quick turnarounds. Just remember to allow yourself enough time. Let me know what you think about the Interlibrary Loan. How has your experience been? AND how often do you use it?

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