For Faculty: Google Scholar – Soon you can track your own citations

What, a librarian promoting Google Scholar? Yes, I use it often – it’s a great way to track down a source, check citations, etc.

In fact, Langsdale has teamed up with Google to show our own full text resources within Google Scholar. It’s easy for you to set up to see Langsdale journal access when you’re searching. If you haven’t done so already, set up your preferences to show Langsdale holdings in your own search results.

Like many of our library databases, you can also create email alerts in Google Scholar to notify you when additional citations are gathered for your search topic. Simply run a search and then click the “create email alert” link at the top right of the search results. You’ll be alerted when new citations appear.

And recently Google offered a new feature in GS; it’s called Scholar Citations and it will allow scholars to track citations on their own works, complete with timeline graphic of citation traffic.

Currently Scholar Citations is being used by a small number of authors, but Google plans to open it for all scholars to use in coming weeks (we’ll keep you updated).

Image: Creative Commons licensed Flickr photo by ajc1

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