Greetings from Langsdale’s new student liaison Vincent Nowicki

Hello, my name is Vincent Nowicki. I’m a sophomore at The University of Baltimore.
My major is Jurisprudence and I’m the student liaison for Langsdale Library.
I feel my job as liaison is to be a bridge of communication between students, faculty,
and the library. As liaison you will see me all over campus promoting the library every
way I can. One of my personal goals as the liaison is to strengthen Langsdale’s social
media sites (facebook and twitter). Langsdale Library has a lot to offer and these sites are
good way of finding out new things that are going on in the library. I’m always around
campus if you see someone promoting the library it is most likely me. Don’t be afraid to
come up and say hi or ask me a question. This is going to be a great year for UB and
Langsdale. I hope to see you all soon. Remember, like us on
facebook Thank you.

-Vincent Nowicki

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