New technology at Langsdale

Printing Press circa 1811; Deutsches Museum Munich, Germany

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives. With the growing desire for faster and easier technology, the staff at Langsdale is always striving to keep up with the latest technologies.

Here are a few of the newest technologies available at Langsdale:

Slingbox: The library has found a novel use for something really designed for personal use, called Slingbox. The service is supposed to let you stream to your PC or Mac what is currently playing on your TV at home. We use it to let you watch one of our Reserve DVDs from home!

My Account: You can monitor what you’ve borrowed from the library, as well as get information on books you’re waiting to receive.

E-reserves in Sakai: Get all your class e-reserves without leaving Sakai.

Research Help: Have a question about an upcoming paper? No problem, students can chat with a librarian from anywhere on campus or from home.

Borrowing Laptops: You can now borrow a Lenovo laptop or netbook for a few hours. Instead of lugging around your laptop, you can simply check-out a laptop and find a space where you’re comfortable and return when finished.

New technologies coming to Langsdale:

Mobile Printing: You’ll soon be able to print from your smartphones! If you’ve typed notes or need to print out directions, you’ll be able to print and go.

Smartphone Apps: Soon you might have the option of searching the catalog, renewing your books, checking computer availability, reserving a group study room, or even accessing your course reserves from an application on your cell phone!

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