Need help researching for end of the year papers?

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Spring Break has come and gone. The countdown of the last 6 weeks begins now. It’s time to begin thinking about those final papers and projects that will be due soon. Research is usually an enormous portion of final papers and projects. Langsdale has resources to make things just a little bit easier for you. I will start with my personal favorite:

Databases: Need credible sources and reliable information? Langsdale’s databases are the best place to start. There are databases for every subject and major. You will be sure to get useful information

LibGuides: LibGuides is a research assistance tool, with subject guides and useful resources compiled by your friendly librarians. Find out what they know by searching through the LibGuides!

Easybib citation help: It’s a simple way to create citations. Citing properly is not always an easy task when you aren’t familiar with the format. Easybib allows you to copy and paste a website, book, Newspaper, Journal, or database. After you gather the information it correctly creates a citation which you can then print or turn into a Word document. This saves you time and ensures that you’re citing your sources accurately (though remember, it is always a good idea to double check the formatting just to make sure that everything is in its right place).

And of course we have a huge selection of books and ebooks to help you with any project.

You can always ask a librarian for help! There are several ways to get in touch with library staff, such as chat, telephone, e-mail, or just stop by.

As you can see we’re here to make these last few weeks stress free!

And as a side note to graduate students, remember you can submit your theses and dissertations to Special Collections and have them bound at a low cost.

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