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This Summer the library wants you to get to know us a little better. And so we plan on presenting several of our staff members favorite collections in our 1st floor horizontal display case, along with some recommended books and dvds in our collection.

Our First featured staff member is Carol Vaeth. Carol is the supervisor of our Book and Document Delivery Department. She has worked here at UB for almost 28 years. Her incredible dedication to the library and the entire state university system Interlibrary Loan system has been invaluable. This past year she was the recipient of the University’s staff recognition award for “Outstanding Service”.

We asked Carol a few questions, here are her responses:

Why did you start collecting? How long have you collected? What is your favorite item in your collection?

“Wade came in Red Rose Tea boxes. I guess I started collecting in the 70’s, but didn’t step up the collection until the 90’s. I have too many favorites to say, but I guess one of the kitty figurines,no, the elves, no the birds…..”

“As for the marbles, they just ‘found me’ over the years. They turned up in my garden or I’d see them in the road. Again, in the 90’s I started to purchase them and expanded my collection.”

What was your favorite food as a child?

“Sour beef and dumplings”

What is one of your favorite quotes?

“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative. Oscar Wilde”

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?

“Ayla from Jean Auel’s Earth Children series (Clan of the Cave Bear)”

If you could paint a picture of any scenery you’ve seen before, what would you paint?

“The view from logging hills in Oregon where I could see so far in the distance, into Washington state, that I saw the Three sister, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helen’s (before she blew), Mt. Adams, and Mt. Rainer all laid out before me in a landscape of sky and clouds and fog! Mind blowing!”

And finally, we asked Carol to tell us what library books and/or dvds would she recommend
Here are Carols favorites:

Out of Africa, Dinesen, Isak book and DVD: Langsdale Library call number: DT 434.E2 B6

The Color Purple, Walker, Alice. book and DVD: Langsdale Library call number: PS 3573.A425 C6 2003

Empire of the Sun, Ballard, J.G. DVD is better than the book!

Memento.  Christopher Nolan director. DVD

Cider House Rules, Irving, John. book is better than DVD Langsdale Library call number: PS 3559.R8 C5 1999

Fortunate Son: A Novel, Mosley, Walter. Langsdale Library call number: PS 3563.O88456 F67 2006

A Gesture Life. Chang-rae Lee. The Langsdale library does not own this title, but you can always request it from Interlibrary Loan.

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