Four for the Fourth

Looking for something to read for the 4th of July? You have a whole day off, you might as well take advantage of it by reading one of Langsdale Library’s fascinating books.

How about kicking back with a copy of The Fourth of July, by Peter de Bolla. This book talks about the history of the holiday and how the date of the celebration is somewhat misleading, since the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2nd. In fact, why not celebrate tonight and then read the book on the Fourth?

Ever wonder what women were doing during the Revolutionary War and before? Check out Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin. Read about women writing propaganda and raising funds for the army. Learn about how they ran farms and businesses when their husbands were away at war. Some women apparently served as spies and warriors themselves.

More interested in modern times? Take a look at The Business of Holidays, edited by Maud Lavin. This witty book takes a look at modern celebrations throughout the year and the role retail plays in the way we play. Filled with full page color photos, this might be a good one to flip through during a barbecue. Try to avoid getting grease stains on the book, though, please.

America’s Boardwalks: From Coney Island to California, by James Lilliefors looks like a fun trip through history. Why not take this one to the beach?

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