Tis’ the Season of Giving

Recently I came across a story about an anonymous “Secret Santa” in New York and New Jersey who gave away one-hundred dollar bills to victims of Hurricane Sandy. The “Secret Santa” traveled the city giving away a total of $100,000. He exclaimed that “it wasn’t about the money but about the random acts of kindness.” He urged everyone to try giving. Tis’ the Season of Giving.

We often feel overwhelmed with joy when helping someone and receiving a reward from our kind acts. But, would you still help out someone if you were not receiving an award or some recognition? I often find myself buying far more than I’ll use or need.  Recently, I was in The Gallery in Downtown Baltimore. I bought far more food than I could ever eat in one sitting. I took the leftovers and left the building. Walking back to UB, I couldn’t help but notice a homeless man begging for spare change. He was avoided, denied and even pushed away by people passing. I was one of those people who denied him with a slight head nod, implying that I didn’t have anything to give. I continued walking and conversing with my friends until, suddenly, I stopped. I turned around and handed the homeless man my food. Although, it was not much, I felt so relieved that someone received happiness from such a small gesture of kindness.  Tis’ the Season of Giving.

This season, I encourage everyone to enjoy the act of giving – not just for recognition but for the rewarding feeling. Whether you help the local homeless, serve in a soup kitchen, or donate to an unfortunate family, the effect of your kindness makes the modern world look far more kind than sometimes it might. There are plenty of organizations that are hosting toy drives, clothing drives, food drives and more. Find one that interests you. Langsdale is helping the Parents in Law School organization to fill a box with hats and coats. The box is located in the library. Maybe this could be your act of kindness. After all, tis’ the Season of Giving!

by Jasmine Gibson

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