Langsdale’s Catalog Salutes UB Faculty Authors

Faculty members, did you know that the Langsdale Library records the books you have authored/edited to identify you as a UB faculty author?  There is a “local note” in the library record that looks like this:

Here is a road map to get to the record with the UB faculty author note. Start (of course!) at the Langsdale Library web page:   

Select the “books” tab. Then, below the search box, select “USMAI Catalog.”

Along the top, below the yellow menu line, click on “choose campus” and then “University of Baltimore – catalog.”

To find your books, select the “author beginning with…” search. From the resulting list, click on the title and you’ll see the full record including the author note.

To find all the records for UB faculty authors, use the “word/s anywhere” search and enter “UB faculty author.”

Don’t see one of your books?  That means that Langsdale doesn’t own a copy.  If you have one that you’d like to donate, we’d be delighted to add it. Contact Betty Landesman, Head of Technical Services and Content Management, 410-837-4204, 

In addition, we’re working on importing the list to our WorldCat catalog. You can find the list-in-progress here.

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