Socially Up-To-Date with Langsdale

You can find Langsdale Library on social media. We want to make sure everyone is updated on scheduled events, renovations, closings and free giveaways (woo-hoo!). It’s important for a college library to connect with its students and keep them informed about library resources. We understand that some students have busy schedules and can’t stop by the library frequently. But those same people might also like to know that Langsdale has a new, free scanner on the first floor, or that we were giving away free cupcakes about a week ago, or, better yet, that the third floor was renovated with more study space.

That’s why we use social media – for you!

Be a part of our social network by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, subscribing to our blog post, and checking in with us on Foursquare. This way, you’re up to date with all of the latest Langsdale news. Click the images below, and then, like magic, you’ll never be left in the dark about anything going on in Langsdale ever again.

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