Happy Social Media Day!

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Today is the tech blog Mashable’s fledgling holiday, Social Media Day. Regardless of whether or not we need a new holiday, they have been posting some interesting articles running up to it.

One such article is the recent When One Social Network is Enough. The piece is somewhat introspective, and by and large focuses on the lack of time we have to spread among all the social networks out there. This got me thinking about how I use social media, both personally and professionally, and go me wondering how you are using it.

On the one hand, Langsdale has several official social media profiles, such as Flickr, Twitter and Foursquare, but we concentrate most of our attention on Facebook. And personally, I use one or two regularly, and another seven or so off and on (for things like: what I’m  working onpresenting or drinking). Then I have a few accounts I started and only put up a few test posts (I’m looking at you Pinterest and Identi.ca).

Both the library and I have chosen similar paths when it comes to social networking — concentrate on one or two platforms where we really get the most for our time, but also dabble in others that look interesting.
How do you go about managing your online social life? Do you have one network that you spend all of your time on? Or do you use several? Or none at all?

Let us know in the comments here or on Facebook. Or you can always stop in and let me know in person.

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