Orientation Season

Orientation season just wrapped up. All summer long, various departments on campus work together to introduce freshmen, transfer, graduate and international students to the University of Baltimore, along with new faculty and staff.

Orientation can be overwhelming. You have to remember a netID, a new password (with numbers, letters, and lots of other restrictions), which buildings are which, and how your transportation/parking situation works, all while trying to look super cool and not at all lost. (Here’s the campus map for reference). Talk about information overload!

But if its any reassurance, by next semester, it’ll all be an old hat. You’ll know that you can only get to the gym in the Academic Center by using the stairwell on the plaza side, closest to Mount Royal. You’ll learn where your favorite spot to hang out is (the library, obviously). You’ll also know the time to the nearest coffee shop. With three Starbucks around the university, a Duncan Donuts on the bottom floor of the Varsity, TriBeCa on Charles Street, Shapiros on Preston Street, there’s bound to be one within a 5 minute walk.

The best thing about a new school year is the amount of events involving free food. Browse the Welcome Week event calendar and line up your meals for the week. We’re a bit partial to the free cupcakes in library on Wednesday, September 4, 3-4pm, on the second floor. What are you looking forward to this year?

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