Where, Oh Where Have the Copiers Gone?

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If you’ve been in Langsdale Library lately, you may have uttered that very statement. In early summer 2013 the final copier was officially removed as we’ve upgraded copying options with two KIC kiosk scanners. The first scanner was moved into the library on the first floor at the beginning of the fall 2012 semester and was proven to be such a hit that we put in a second scanner a few months ago. 

The kiosk scanner on the first floor is next to the printers and a few steps away from the reference desk, and the second-floor machine is in the middle of the room just outside of the study rooms. The machines are a lot more efficient and remove the need to deal with a copy card, credit card or the correct denomination of cash. The best part, it’s FREE, and you can scan items right to your email for printing at your convenience.     

The scanners are large black machine with a bright touch screen. Just tap the screen to wake up the scanner. A message will pop up with two options, “scan,” or “save to usb or send email.”  You can either use the touch screen or the mouse to the right of the scanner. Lift the top of the scanner and align your items to the blue arrows. Close the lid and begin. After you’ve made the scan, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, color, resolution, and file type. You can use the “scan,” “modify image” and “save/send” tabs at the left corner of the screen to get the most out of your scanning options.

So remember Langsdale’s  KIC scanner the next time you need to copy a few pages from a book on reserve, or if you need to scan other assignments and documents that you want electronic copies of.

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