Faculty Authors 2013

Every two years, Langsdale Library and the Office of the Provost recognize the book publishing accomplishments of our faculty. This year, Faculty Authors is on Wednesday, October 23, from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., at Langsdale, on the second floor. Light refreshments will be provided at the start, with remarks by Provost Joe Wood beginning at 4 p.m. Each faculty member with a book publication since the last event will be recognized with a framed copy of their book cover. Langsdale also will keep one framed copy to display in the library. The event is free and open to the entire UB community.

Check out books by faculty authors in our catalog. We’re always adding to the list!

This year’s faculty:

Alberto M. Bento and Anil Aggarwal
Cloud Computing Service and Deployment Models, Layers and Management

John Bessler      
Cruel and Unusual: The American Death Penalty and the Founders’ Eighth Amendment 
Barry Brownstein            
The Inner Work of Leadership
Laura Bryan       
Using Industrial Organizational Psychology for the Greater Good: Helping Those Who Help Others
Tom Carney       
Barack Obama: The Fulfillment of an American Dream
Steven D. Cohen             
Lessons from the Podium: Public Speaking as a Leadership Art
On the Path to Success: Readings and Resources
Public Speaking: The Path to Success
Eric Easton         
Mobilizing the Press: Defending the First Amendment in the Supreme Court
Garrett Epps     
American Epic: Reading the U.S. Constitution
Wrong and Dangerous: Ten Right-Wing Myths about Our Constitution
Leigh Goodmark              
A Troubled Marriage: Domestic Violence and the Legal System
Michael Higginbotham  
Ghosts of Jim Crow: Ending Racism in Post-Racial America
Joshua Kassner
Rwanda and the Moral Obligation of Humanitarian Intervention
Michael Meyerson         
Endowed by Our Creator: The Birth of Religious Freedom in America
Heather Pfeifer               
Write & Wrong: Writing within Criminal Justice
Steve Scalet      
Markets, Ethics, and Business Ethics
Jane Sellman     
Introducing the Penny
Jeffrey Ian Ross               
The Globalization of Supermax Prisons
Byron Warnken
Maryland Criminal Procedure
John Willis          
Maryland Politics and Government
Cheryl Wilson   
Fashioning the Silver Fork Novel

Marion Winik    

Highs in the Low Fifties
Ting Zhang         
Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth in China

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