Lists for Some. Miniature American Flags for Others.

A general accounting is in order. Or anyway, that seems to be the custom this time of year. Thanksgiving just passed–a time for us to think back on all the stuff we’re thankful for–and New Year’s Eve is just another few, short weeks away. And since it seems we’re already predisposed toward going over the whirl of time that has so quickly passed us by this last year, it seems only natural that many enterprising websites, newspapers, and magazines would distill what they believe the most important, or best, or most shocking, events into an easy-to-swallow list. I’ll stay away from “events” in a strict sense (news, celebrity, etc.) and give you a selection of Best-Books/Movies lists below– think of this as a best of the best-of lists:

Best Books

Best Movies (and a list of Worst Movies)

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