Happy Birthday, “Pink Flamingos”

From the University of Baltimore’s 1972 yearbook, page 11

Exactly 42 years ago today, John Waters’s feature film, Pink Flamingos, premiered at the Langsdale Library auditorium. The event was sponsored by the 3rd annual Baltimore Film Festival. The following is from an article from the University of Baltimore’s Student Press dated March 15, 1972:

“The film festival was originally called the Maryland Film Festival when it was started by Hopkins, Goucher, and the Maryland Institute. The University of Baltimore took it over in 1970 and renamed and expanded the festival under Harvey Alexander of the English department, coordinator for the project.” 

According to Harvey Alexander’s obituary in The Baltimore Sun, November 30, 2012, the Baltimore Film Festival and the premiere of Pink Flamingos took place at Stephens Hall at Towson University in 1972. However, it is worth noting that The Sun is far from infallible and there are several articles from The Baltimore Sun dating from March 12 and March 26, 1972, that name the University of Baltimore as the host of this historic event (Proquest Historical Newspaper Database).

Langsdale Library auditorium, circa 1970s

Student Press articles (high quality copies on Flickr)

Student Press articles (high quality copies on Flickr)
Student Press articles (high quality copies on Flickr)
Article and research by AV Archivist, Siobhan Hagan. All scanned documents are from the University Archives (UB) Collection held by the Langsdale Library Special Collections Department.

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