Archiving History in Special Collections

Our own audiovisual archivist Siobhan Hagan did a wonderful piece for Humanities Connection on WYPR last Thursday.

In it Hagan discusses the wealth of material found in Langsdale’s WMAR and WJZ film and video collections. These two collections contains both raw footage and news and feature programming spanning the mid 1940’s to 2000. WMAR was the first Baltimore news station and the 11th in the country, so our collection reflects the full run of local television broadcasting from the dawn of the medium through the end of the 20th century and can provide scholars of history, media studies, popular culture and many other humanistic disciplines a rich treasure of materials. Seeing and hearing this footage can bring history to life for many users in Baltimore and beyond.

See more from our AV archives at AV@UB and on the Internet Archive.

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