World Cup @ Langsdale

Like much of the world, Langsdale has been bitten by the World Cup bug–which may or may not be the same or similar to those crazy giant moths occasionally flying on the field (or “pitch,” as any self-respecting soccer fan (read: ‘football fan’) would clear their throat and correct me).

And unlike so many years where the US was just pushed aside and written off as a minor league squad that because of some clerical error happened to be brought up to the majors, but not this year, this year we are looking quite good, thank you very much. In the group stage the US not only made it through one of, if not the most talented group (The Group of Death, as it was so ominously called in the media, pre-kickoff), but we did so with command, finally all but shouting to the world for some respect. And on top of that, Americans are actually watching the beautiful game in record numbers!

So, in light of soccer’s new found popularity, which I’m sure is at least in part due to the excellent performances by the US, we at Langsdale are going to celebrate by inviting the entire university–students, staff, faculty–to watch US’s first game of the elimination round in our newly settled home: the Learning Commons, third floor. Come by at 4 pm tomorrow, room 319, for some soccer and light refreshments.

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