The Internet Arcade

For you gamers out there, the Library would like to introduce you to the recently launched Internet ArcadeThe Internet Arcade is an Internet browser-based library of emulated video arcade games from the 1970s up through the 1990s. It has hundreds of games ranging across many different genres that you can play for fun, to study, or to test your eye-keyboard coordination! Before you start, though, I recommend reading this blog post by the Internet Arcade operator, Jason Scott, walking you step-by-step through instructions to have a better playing experience.

 The Langsdale Library also has its own Game Collection for students, researchers and faculty use. Video game conservation is an important part of preserving our cultural heritage, but can be extremely difficult due to copyright issues and software and hardware obsolescence. Read more about this endeavor in the Library of Congress’ 2010 “Preserving Virtual Worlds Final Report“. 

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