Reading: Black Lives Matter

Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Veto
Left Bank Books, an independent bookstore in Saint Louis, Missouri responded to the Ferguson protests with “a community curated list of books that explore race” in the United States. That project, known as Black Lives Matter:A Reading List is available for download in PDF format.
Interested in checking out a few books from the list? Here are some of the titles available at UB:

Civil Rights History

Contemporary Civil Rights Issues

Novels and Stories Exploring Race
Policing and Incarceration

See something you’d like to read from Left Bank that we don’t own? Request it through Interlibrary Loan.
What additional books would you add to the list?

 [Updated 3/3/15] Additions based on suggestions from our readers:

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  1. I would definitely add The Alchemy of Race and Rights by Patricia Williams, anything by bell hooks,nearly anything by Lisa Delpit, many of the novels by Toni Morrison, poems by Morgan Parker, poems by Danez Smith, +++++.

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