Roots in the Road Fights

Photo credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Bill Hrybyk

“Mikulski’s legacy starts with the ‘battle of the road.'” That’s the Baltimore Sun headline that caught my eye on the iPad this morning. Columnist Dan Rodricks highlights the roots of Senator Barbara Mikulski’s political career in Baltimore’s expressway fights of the 1960s and 1970s.

According to Rodricks, “There are a lot of parts to the Mikulski legacy. But the one Baltimore long-timers remember — and newcomers should know and appreciate — was the fight against the highways, way back when.”

Want to know more about the road fights? You’re in luck, because Langsdale Library contains the archival records of two of the grassroots organizations that fought expressway construction through their neighborhoods: Southeast Council Against the Road (SCAR) and Movement Against Destruction (MAD).

Check out our digital exhibit, which highlights selected material, or browse the collections as they’ve been scanned in their entirety: MAD and SCAR.

Want to learn more? Contact Special Collections or make an appointment to view the collections in person.

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