Signs point to “Yes!”

Playscale-sized patron Shironeko is new to Langsdale. She visited the library over spring break and was pleased with all the new signage she encountered. It made finding her way around the library a snap! Of course her pal– library services technician Adele– brought her camera along to capture Shironeko’s adventures.

Shironeko is welcomed to Langsdale by the sign outside of the library, on the third floor of Learning Commons.
Shironeko checks the large-screen map on the 3rd floor to get herself situated.

Leisure reading is this way…

Where the magic happens– that is, the “magic” of preparing materials for circulation, share-streaming, and transferring inter-library loans and books from other campuses.

Shironeko is a big movie buff. She can’t wait to check out some DVDs!

Circ is a great place to get general information and borrow some choice DVDs and reading materials.

Newer flicks Can be found at the circulation desk, like this American version of a Japanese favorite, Gojira.

Shironeko pals around with student assistant Montez Jennings
Getting jiggy on the Irish-themed display case 

On the 4th floor, Shironeko is easily able to locate the reference librarian on duty. Thank you, Signage!!
Archivist and reference librarian Ben Blake tackles some of Shironeko’s research questions

Ben and Shironeko consider a spectacle swap.

Getting some 4th floor direction…

The Special Collections reading room:  found it!
Before finishing up her visit, Shironeko takes a look at some proposed architectural plans for what is going to be the new Langsdale at 1420 Maryland Avenue. 

She can picture herself in the renovated future Langdale already!

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  1. Will Shironeko respond to reports she has been seen hitting the Midtown night life with the GEICO Gecko? And does this mean her relationship with Kevin Hart is over?(Rumor has it that he is too short for her)

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