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 New materials at Langsdale: 

This is the definitive encyclopedia of Baltimore pop music of the years 1950 to 2000. Greatly expanded from the first edition. From teen bands that hardly made it out of the basement to major superstars known worldwide. It’s all here! Artists that played teen centers, night clubs, weddings, proms, festivals, arenas… Rock & Roll, R&B, country, jazz… Band/artist biographies and discographies. Thousands of photos – artists, advertisements, posters, rare record labels… If you enjoyed live music in the Baltimore area, chances are that artist is mentioned in this book!          

On the Origin of Species was built upon the young Charles Darwin’s observations of the natural world when he circumnavigated the globe as a “gentleman naturalist” on the HMS Beagle. But work on his masterpiece did not begin until five years after his return when he moved into Down House with his family in Kent, England, where he would live for the rest of his life. For almost twenty years, the garden at Down House was both an inspiration and a laboratory to Darwin. In the orchard, he conducted experiments on pollination. He built a dovecote where he could breed new strains of pigeons that helped him understand the intricacies of generation. On his daily walk along the sandbank, he observed how plants competed for survival. In solitude, he also struggled with the ideas of evolution that had haunted him since his voyage. Bringing Darwin’s garden to the present day, Boulter unfolds a shining portrait of the formation of one of England’s greatest thinkers and his relationship with the place he loved, and shows how his experiments—conducted more than 150 years ago—are still revealing new proofs as we continue to search for the origins of life.  

“Struggling with writer’s block and a lackluster love life, once-famous novelist Calvin (Dano) creates a beautiful fictitious character named Ruby (Kazan) who inspires him. But not only does this bring his work to life–it also brings Ruby to life–literally! Face-to-face with an actual relationship with his once-virtual girlfriend, Calvin must now decide whether to pen this love story or let it write itself  

Players place land tiles to develop roads, cities, fields, and cloisters, and deploy their followers as thieves, farmers, knights and monks to score points as they develop the land around the medieval city of Carcassonne.
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These are just a few of the many new books, movies, and games at your Langsdale Library. To see the complete listing of new materials check out our list right here! If you want to receive updates when new materials get listed each month, you can subscribe to the list through the RSS feed.

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