5 Popular Ebsco eBooks @ Langsdale Library

Baltimore '68 : riots and rebirth in an American city “In 1968, Baltimore was home to a variety of ethnic, religious, and racial communities that, like those in other American cities, were confronting a quickly declining industrial base. In April of that year, disturbances broke the urban landscape along lines of race and class. This book offers chapters on events leading up to the turmoil, the riots, and the aftermath as well as four rigorously edited and annotated oral histories of members of the Baltimore community. The combination of new scholarship and first-person accounts provides a comprehensive case study of this period of civil unrest four decades later…”

Children and adolescents. “…information and innovations in clinical psychology, including in the areas of ethics, legal issues, professional roles, cross cultural psychology, geropsychology, and more.”

The Affordable Care Act as a National Experiment : Health Policy Innovations and Lessons “…delineates a new perspective about the creation and potential impact of the ACA and guides the development of health policy that is supported by best evidence that, in turn, transforms into practice, policy, and public benefit.

Introduction to criminal justice research methods : an applied approach “…designed as an introduction to research methods in criminal justice techniques.”

Collaborative Strategies for Sustainable Cities : Economy, Environment and Community in Baltimore.Baltimore, like many other cities around the globe, is redesigning local government policy and programs in order to become a more sustainable city.”  

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