Tutors Needed

Interested in becoming a tutor? Achievement & Learning Services is looking to hire for the spring semester.

Being a tutor is a great opportunity to not only help your peers succeed, but to help you succeed academically as well. It looks great on a resume and comes with paid training. Achievement & Learning Services wants to see both tutors and tutees succeed, so we offer flexible hours, online tutoring, and pay 10$ an hour.
Currently, ALS is looking for tutors in Math and Statistics, but everyone is welcome to apply. The requirements to be a tutor include
  • Took the class at UB
  • Received a B+ or higher in the course
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher

More information about tutoring services can be found on the ALS website. To apply, fill out the electronic application or contact ALS for a print copy.

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