Try Out Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press is at Langsdale for a limited time!

Langsdale is hosting trials for four Oxford University Press resources up until February 16. You can find them here, as well as on our Databases page. Check out the right hand column to see what’s new or available for a limited time.

At Oxford Reference Online, you can find some of Oxford University Press’ most well-known and visited titles from their Encyclopedias and Companions and from selected partner publishers’ scholarly works.

Oxford African American Studies Center is the most comprehensive collection of over 10,000 scholarly articles that focus on the lives and events that shaped African American and African history and culture.

Oxford Bibliographies Online provides accurate and reliable resources on a variety of academic topics, written by academic experts, that guide faculty and students through the current scholarship.

Social Explorer is a demographic data visualization and research website that engages the public with society and science through dynamic maps and customizable reports.

Check out these resources while they’re available at Langsdale and let a librarian know what you think!

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