Spring Workshop Schedule

Welcome Back UB!
Achievement & Learning Services wants to share our workshop schedule with you! We have a lot of exciting things scheduled already and we have even more to come. Below you’ll find our schedule for math group tutorials, computer skills workshops, and placement test preparations. We’ll also have our learning and success skills workshops to share with you soon. Keep tuned for those!
Follow the linked dates to RSVP and reserve your seat.
Group Tutorials for Math & Stats
Group tutorials are scheduled based on student demand. Their topics are also determined by student need. If you’re enrolled in OPRE, HSMG, PUAD, or MATH courses, and you and your fellow students have questions about statistics, contact the ALC to request a group tutorial.
OPRE 202
OPRE 315
OPRE 505
Upper-Division Writing Placement Test Preparation
Get tips and strategies to prepare for the Upper-Division Writing Placement Test. The test is required of all UB students registering for Practicum in Writing (WRIT 200) or Advanced Expository Writing (WRIT 300). You are allowed to take the test only once, and this free workshop will help you prepare.
Computer Skills Workshops
Due to their demand and in-depth focus, Excel 1 and 2 workshops are fee-based. $10/UB Students; $20/UB staff and alumni; $40/General public.
Adobe Creative Cloud Basics
Explore Adobe Creative Cloud using the basic tools, panels, and functions of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Learn about setting up, saving, and packaging documents appropriately and explore the functions and usability of each program.
Saturday, Feb. 4          10 – 1 p.m.
*This workshop is full, but keep an eye out for future dates.
Excel 1
Easily manipulate tables of information – contact lists, schedules, budgets, and more – for presentation and analysis. Learn to sort alphabetically, chronologically, large to small, etc.; use basic formulas to add, subtract, multiply, and divide; and format and print with headers, footers, and grid lines.
Excel 2
Perform more complex calculations in several tables. Create multi-step formulas and replicate patterns of numbers, dates, etc. without typing. Use pivot tables and functions to summarize your data (count, find average, and locate maximum and minimum values) and display your results in charts and graphs.

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