New Books at Langsdale!

Did you know that Langsdale Library offers a list of all of our newest materials? We do! Each month we’ll post an update letting you know about a few select titles, but there are far too many to mention here so be sure to check out our comprehensive online list. There is an RSS feed to the list, so you can subscribe and be updated when new materials get listed each month.

New Materials at Langsdale:

Woman's embodied self : feminist perspectives on identity and image
“In this compelling book, Joan Chrisler and Ingrid Johnston-Robledo examine how women relate to their bodies and how attitudes toward the body affect women’s sense of self. In particular, they document the disturbing, never-ending barrage of standards used to judge women’s bodies.”

Not a crime to be poor : the criminalization of poverty in America

“”Most Americans believe debtors’ prisons are a thing of the past. Yet today, people are in jail by the thousands for no other reason than that they are poor. As the Justice Department found when it investigated police practices in Ferguson, Missouri, massive fines and fees are levied for minor crimes such as broken taillights and rolling through stop signs, and when the poor cannot pay, the result is an epidemic of repeated stays in jail. Bail is routinely set without consideration of a defendant’s ability to pay, resulting in one kind of justice system for those who can buy their way out and another harshly punitive one for those who can’t. Edelman shows that we still live in a country where, to our great shame, it is a crime to be poor.”–Jacket flap”

The psychology of racial colorblindness : a critical review

“This book summarizes and integrates the social scientific research on racial colorblindness, focusing primarily on work within the field of psychology. A new multi-variety colorblind framework is presented, which provides theoretical coherence to the present literature as well as a guide for future research. After considering the historical context in which colorblind ideologies have manifested and operated, research is presented that establishes how the colorblind mentality ignores important racial realities and tends to harm racial minorities across a wide variety of domains. Beneficial alternative ideologies are discussed, as are strategies that may be useful in challenging the colorblind ideology. This book will be of interest to both researchers and theorists who study racial ideology, as well as social justice advocates and practitioners who contend with racial colorblindness in real-world contexts.”–Publisher’s description.”

These are just a few of the many new books, movies, and games at your Langsdale Library. To see the complete listing of new materials check out our list right here! If you want to receive updates when new materials get listed each month, you can subscribe to the list through the RSS feed.

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