JHU Students Explore Langsdale’s Special Collections on Baltimore ‘Gayborhoods’


Langsdale’s Special Collections was recently featured in Johns Hopkins University HUB after their students took great advantage of the wealth of resources at home in UB’s Learning Commons: “Students sift through archives to uncover the history of Baltimore’s ‘gayborhoods’”.
Johns Hopkins students of the Intersession course “Gayborhood” Histories visited Langsdale’s archives to learn both the history of Baltimore’s “gayborhoods” and to learn how to work with archival resources.

Special Collections is the home to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland’s archives. The GLCCB is committed to “uniting and empowering sexual and gender minorities in Baltimore and Central Maryland and advocating for a better quality of life the entire community” (GLCCB). The center recently celebrated its 35thanniversary and is working with MICA on their LGBTQIA History Project.

This is the second time the course has been taught by JHU doctoral student Mo Speller. The class incorporates a breadth of unique experiences to expose students to the history of Baltimore’s gay community. These experiences include neighborhood tours, readings, short reflections, and an explorative group project.

Request an appointment with Special Collections today to explore the archives and learn about Baltimore’s ‘gayborhoods.’


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