An Image Database to the Rescue–Britannica ImageQuest!

So, now it’s crunch time with final papers and presentations coming due in the next few weeks. You need a couple of photos to illustrate your points. Where do you turn? Well, there is one resource available to you here at UB—Britannica ImageQuest—and it’s easily accessed from Langsdale’s list of A-Z Databases.

Britannica ImageQuest has tons of rights-cleared images for non-commercial, educational purposes on just about any topic in the world. This means you can use the images for your course-related papers and presentations.
There are nearly 3 million images from almost 60 collections (which include the likes of National Geographic, Getty Images, and DK images). In addition to photographs, there are maps, diagrams, artwork, and clipart (a new collection is Graphics Factory). You can download, email, or print individual images or save images to a “My Images” album for later use.

Britannica ImageQuest is an easy database to use, and is accessible 24/7 on any device. Its high-quality images will make any paper or presentation visually compelling. So don’t procrastinate–get to it!

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