The History of the University of Baltimore

There are multiple ways to learn more about the history of the UB. The UB photographs and Yearbook collections are the best way to start. The University of Baltimore Photographs Collection includes images from the University Archives that depict the past athletics programs, the campus, significant events, and student life. The photographs are drawn from archival collections that were generated by a diverse set of units in the University and span over the period from 1925 to the present.

Below, there are some pictures from this collection:

Former Odorite Building 1994
The former Odorite building at the southeast corner of Maryland Ave. and Mount Royal Ave. 
(The current location of the University of Baltimore Student Center)
 University of Baltimore Campus 1990
Aerial view looking west featuring the Academic Center, Charles Hall, Charles Hall Annex, the Lyric Theatre, The Law Center, Penn Station, and the Jones Falls Expressway
Edgar Allen Poe Statue Installation in Gordon Plaza 1993
Edgar Allen Poe statue being lowered onto a plinth in Gordon Plaza 
Edgar Allen Poe Statue 1984
 Cover image from the spring 1984 edition of the Newsmagazine
Also, the University of Baltimore Yearbook Collection contains issues of the UB student yearbook from 1928 to 1975.
The University of Baltimore was founded in 1925 to provide an opportunity for working adults to receive degrees in law and business, graduating its first class in 1928. This graduating class began the tradition of publishing an annual yearbook, known as The Reporter
If you want to know more about UB Archives you can browse the complete database here.

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