RLB Library’s Game of the Month – Board Game Top Shop

Gear up for black Friday with our game of the month for November, Board Game Top Shop released for the Sony PlayStation in the early 2000s. It’s a bit like a digital version of Monopoly with cute anime style characters set in an 80s or 90s style shopping mall. You goal is to bankrupt the other players or acquire a certain amount of assets, becoming a mall store mogul. There’s also a weird story mode.

Top Shop - Wikipedia

Top Shop was released by a company that specialized in various “budget” titles. These sorts of games and their associated business models were a bit more common at that time, but at this point “indie” games by a dedicated solo developer or a small team have kind of replaced this sort of game in the marketplace and many of these small games are forgotten.

Give it a try, and if it’s too weird or awkward for your taste… we’ve also got the official PlayStation version of Monopoly!

Monopoly - Playstation Ps1 (Used)

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