The Friday List–New Arrivals in the Library!

Here is The Friday List! Every week, new books are arriving at RLB Library and to keep you up-to-date on what has come in, we’ll be posting the most recent 30 days of arrivals every Friday. The link below will take you to a catalog listing so that you can explore and find titles that interest you. Be sure to check back regularly to see what else has arrived!


If you want some ideas on what to read, here are some highlights:

City of artists : Baltimore, Edited by Cara Ober and Ed Berlin, 2024

City of Artists is the first full-length book from BmoreArt, Baltimore’s art and culture magazine, featuring 220 pages of personal reflections from leading writers alongside portfolios from the city’s most celebrated visual artists. In inspired text and rich visuals, the book offers a multifaceted and diverse perspective, where authors explore specific moments that shaped their creative vision and visual artists offer bodies of work inspired by materials, ideas, and experiences of their hometown.

Front cover image for Nothing is beyond our reach : America's techno-spy empire

Nothing is beyond our reach : America’s techno-spy empire, Kristie Macrakis, 2023

Ever since the earliest days of the Cold War, American intelligence agencies have launched spies in the sky, implanted spies in the ether, burrowed spies underground, sunk spies in the ocean, and even tried chemical means to pry open the human mind. The United States increasingly has covered the globe with planes, satellites, drones, electronics, tunnels, and submarines all in the service of intelligence. Hard targets meant that American intelligence could not entirely rely on human spies, but it was more than that. Nothing is Beyond Our Reach reveals how America’s love-affair with technology has led to its dependence on machines in intelligence collection and how this has almost inadvertently created a global surveillance empire. In a lively and engaging narrative, author Kristie Macrakis tells this story of how intelligence has changed from American technophilia and what its implications will be.

Front cover image for The history of Western art

The history of Western art, Janetta Rebold Benton, 2023

A concise, reader-friendly illustrated survey of Western art and architecture from prehistory to the present day. Acknowledging how architecture, painting, sculpture and the decorative arts reflect the culture and society of their time, this latest addition to the Art Essentials series invites the reader to experience and appreciate the entirety of Western art from prehistory to today. Focusing on the ‘history’ in art history, each of the twelve chapters opens with a question to ponder, followed by a summary of the major historical developments of the period, touching on social structure, political organization, migration, race, religious beliefs, scientific advances and customs. An exploration of these themes in the visual arts reveals how architecture, sculpture and painting simultaneously shape, reflect, and document the culture of the time and place they were created. A secondary focus explores the constantly evolving aesthetic preferences that swing between naturalism and abstraction, with each era and style either rebelling against the previous or seeking to improve it. Antecedents and outside influences are also discussed.

Front cover image for Old line plate : stories & recipes from Maryland

Old line plate : stories & recipes from Maryland, Kara Mae Harris, 2022

This book collects over 40 Old Line Plate posts, with lavish illustrations and a bibliography of Maryland cookbooks. Stories include White Potato Pie, Crab Cakes, Maryland Fried Chicken, Baltimore Snowballs, and more.

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