Oral History Project–Interviews From UBalt

Poe statue on Gordon Plaza being "interviewed" by UBalt reporters.
Poe statue on Gordon Plaza being “interviewed” by UBalt reporters.

With the conclusion of the 2024 spring semester and the onset of summer, we are moving ever closer to the University of Baltimore’s Centennial celebration in 2025. To highlight 100 years of UBalt’s history, University Archivist Fatemeh Rezaei has undertaken an oral history project to document the experiences of those who have been a part of this legacy. Since the project’s inception in 2021, Fatemeh has been facilitating interviews with a wide variety of both current and former faculty, staff, and alumni. At this point, more than 27 interviews have been made available through our online database, ArchivesSpace, as well as on our online exhibit website, Omeka.

Here are a few recent highlights from the Oral History Project interview series:

Law Professor, Jose Anderson, JD
In this interview, Anderson highlights the significance of the University of Baltimore in providing accessible, quality education and its role in training practice-ready lawyers who serve the Baltimore community and beyond. He also touches on the Fannie Angelos Program for Academic Excellence, emphasizing its success in supporting students from HBCUs to pursue law degrees. To view the complete interview, click here.

Portrait of Law Professor Jose Anderson, JD.
Law Professor Jose Anderson, JD.

Business Professor, Regina Bento, PhD
In this interview, Professor Bento appreciates the University of Baltimore’s focus on practical learning and community engagement. She highlights its commitment to real-world applications in education and its role in fostering social responsibility among students. To view the complete interview, click here

Portrait of Regina Bento.
Professor Regina Bento, PhD.

Alumnus of UBalt Criminal Justice Program, Dr. Johnny Rice II
In this interview, Dr. Rice reflects on the significant impact of his experiences and mentors at the University of Baltimore, his professional evolution, and his dedication to violence prevention and intervention. His story highlights the challenges and triumphs of navigating educational and professional landscapes as a first-generation student, the importance of mentorship, and a deep commitment to serving and uplifting the community. To view the complete interview, click here.

Portrait of Dr. Johnny Rice II
Dr. Johnny Rice II


These are just a few of the stories that illustrate the rich history that has been cultivated here at UBalt. This project is ongoing, so please stay tuned for more interviews from the people that have been a part of that history as they share their experiences and the impact that UBalt has had on their lives and careers.

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